Atlanta Commercial Painting Contractors

Headquartered just outside of Atlanta, our corporate office provides end-to-end commercial/industrial painting and facility maintenance contracting services. Since 1995, we have served the needs of hundreds of customers both locally and nationally. Our business is divided into Commercial & Industrial Painting, Facility Maintenance, and New Construction painting focused in the Southeastern US.


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Harrison Contracting
Harrison Contracting

SAVANNAH Commercial Painting Contractors

Not only does our Savannah office allow us to establish a local presence in southern Georgia, it also allows us to be easily accessible to clients in surrounding states such as Louisiana and the Carolinas. Savannah has grown to be a major part of our Direct-To-Owner (DTO) division and is fully staffed to provide commercial painting services in the Southeast.


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DALLAS Commercial Painting Contractors

Our Dallas division focuses primarily on commercial and light industrial repaint projects, and serves the needs of many clients in the Dallas, Fort Worth, and surrounding areas. The Dallas team also has a dedicated national program targeting the self-storage market.


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destin Commercial Painting Contractors

When most people think about Destin, Florida, the beach and ocean surf is what most often comes to mind. However, when businesses think about Destin, they know that Harrison Contracting Company has a local office that is ready to solve their painting and waterproofing problems. With more than 15 years of local experience, we understand the uniqueness of the gulf coast community.

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Locations | Harrison Contracting

TAMPA Commercial Painting Contractors

Our Tampa division services a multitude of ongoing and upcoming projects in the state of Florida, while at the same time providing a more competitive advantage in terms of value and pricing for both long time clients as well as new business relationships. With 1/3 of the State’s population residing within a 2.5 hour drive from the Tampa metro area, HCC has an established local presence in not only Tampa, but Orlando, Bradenton, Sarasota, and Naples, as well as on the East Coast.


Locations | Harrison Contracting
Locations | Harrison Contracting
Locations | Harrison Contracting

Theme Parks and Resorts Commercial Painting Contractors

Our Theme Parks and Resorts Commercial Painting Contractors division is dedicated to providing commercial painting services to one of the premiere amusement parks in the world.

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Locations | Harrison Contracting
Locations | Harrison Contracting
Locations | Harrison Contracting


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