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Image and Logistics Consulting

Does your brand image (what consumers say about your brand) align with your brand identity (what you declare and desire for your brand)? Do you have brand standards that help support and drive your image? Are you working with service providers that understand and care about the significance of your branding and how it can be enhanced? Can they collaborate, create, customize, and manage a repaint program that is specific to your branding needs?

These are serious questions that every owner must ask themselves when considering how to maximize their painting programs. At HCC, we discuss these same questions with our clients to develop their customized painting program.  Stemming from our Reliable, Experienced, and Diligent (RED) culture, we consult on reImaging repainting programs by applying our industry experience and relationships. Since 1995, we have been consulting with Fortune 100 brands to build and execute multi-site repainting programs. This includes everything from value-engineered specifications to tactical logistics that ultimately create highly effective multi-site painting programs. Let us know how we can help support your reImaging repainting needs!  

ReImaging Repainting | Harrison contracting red culture
Harrison contracting red culture

Image And Logistics

Not one or the other!

We are very intentional with our image. Our RED culture embodies reliability, cleanliness, confidence, experience, inspiration, diligence, and earnestness. Our passion for our image drives a “never good enough” behavior that keeps us constantly challenging the status quo. This is also the foundation of our approach to collaboration with owners and their multi-site repaint programs.  We all work together so that our work is more impactful for our clients.  We consider the repaint life cycle and how ongoing maintenance on repainted envelopes can support brand image and extend repaint cycles over time.

For us, reputation is at the top of our Measures of Success. Promoting a positive reputation requires us to be intentional about our image. Focused effort on our image drives our approach to developing and executing client programs.  We add value by applying our brand image intentionality to customer programs, ensuring a solid plan to keep the brand looking professional and fresh. Whether your needs are simply tied to executing an existing program or developing a new program that focuses on the logistics to enhance life cycle, we are here to help. We’re more than just your painter, we’re your partner!

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