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Harrison Contracting Company Celebrates 25 Years, Launches New Website

VILLA RICA, Ga. — Harrison Contracting Company, LLC celebrates 25 years in business as a leading commercial painting contractor in the southeastern United States, including Georgia, Florida, Texas. HCC also launches an updated company website dedicated to sharing the company’s heart, expertise and philosophy.

In February 1995, Deryl Harrison started Harrison Contracting Company with a very simple idea — doing what he said he would do! That principle has been the cornerstone of everything Harrison Contracting Company (HCC) stands for as a commercial painter and facility maintenance provider. In fact, it’s the basis of its “Measures of Success”, reputation, customer loyalty, employee satisfaction, teamwork, achieving goals, quality growth and profitability.

“Reputation is at the top of that list for a reason,” current President and third-generation commercial painter Bill Harrison said. “It’s real simple; we get up every day and focus on doing what we say we’ll do for our customers. There’s nothing fancy about that, but our customers rely on us to deliver. We’re very intentional about how we represent ourselves. My dad would always say, ‘We may be a bunch of painters, but we don’t have to look like it.’”

As a commercial painting contractor, HCC’s business is divided into new construction painting, repainting and reimage and facility maintenance. From a new construction perspective, the company is focused on the southeastern U.S. Repainting is a significant part of the company’s portfolio and includes both localized direct-to-owner projects and national painting programs with retailers including, The Home Depot, Walmart, Sam’s, Kohl’s, Advance Auto Parts, Publix, Lowe’s, Auto Zone, O’Reilly Auto Parts and more.

Lastly, HCC has a facility maintenance division that is solely dedicated to supporting the reactive maintenance needs of firms with multiple sites nationwide.

Within the industry, HCC is known for the color red. Its vehicles and equipment are bright red, clothing is bright red, even its parking lot is striped bright red at their corporate offices in Villa Rica, Ga. But more than just the color, HCC is relentless about presenting a clean, professional image in a trade where the perception can be the exact opposite.

Crews are required to show up to job sites with clean red HCC shirts, white painters pants, work boots and proper PPE for the day. Additionally, all HCC equipment is red and cleaned weekly to ensure a professional appearance. This is how the company distinguishes itself. For HCC, red is more than just the company color — it’s the company culture. At HCC, “RED” stands for Reliable, Experienced and Diligent, and it permeates every aspect of the company.

As part of the company’s 25th-year celebration, HCC has updated its corporate website to reflect its capability and intentionality. The new website emphasizes RED, includes a short video that speaks to HCC’s past 25 years, features information about company history, services, logistics to work as a national provider, details about its work and information about its close ties to auto racing.

For 25 years, HCC has focused on building lasting relationships by relentlessly delivering value. In many cases, this leads to a more consultative relationship, where customers see HCC as more than just their painter, but as their partner!

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About HCC

Harrison Contracting Company (HCC) is a commercial painting and facility maintenance contracting company headquartered just outside of Atlanta. HCC provides repainting and reimaging, as well as facility maintenance services nationwide, and new construction painting across the southeastern U.S. At HCC, red is more than the company color — its the company culture. RED stands for Reliable, Experienced and Diligent. We are more than just your commercial painter, we are your partner.

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