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Here Is Why You Should Repaint Your Commercial Building

When it comes to promoting your business, a lot of owners overlook the power of paint. In many ways a paint job can have direct correlations with your marketing efforts. You can create a buzz and market yourself by making your business more inviting. There are many benefits to painting your commercial business. Here Harrison Contracting details why it’s a good idea to repaint your commercial building.

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Foot Traffic

When walking around town, people tend to be more enticed by a building that looks modern than one that’s run down. If your business is in a high foot traffic area, your building’s exterior is the first impression you make on potential customers. Interior paint makes your business more appealing, encouraging customers to stay longer. In a retail space, fresh paint will make your store more inviting and stand out. Pedestrians and potential customers pass your building every day, so exterior paint is key to your relationship with the local community. Keeping your property modern and maintained is good for the surrounding area.


As your business evolves, so does your image. A total rebrand usually comes after several years of business to help you appeal to new consumers. Whatever your rebrand entails, new paint can help bring a new image and feel to your company. It can make your office more appealing and engage visitors in your brand when they enter your space.

Painting your commercial property can also be a subtle way to signify change. It’s a simple way to show change without making a dramatic shift in your brand. A company under new ownership can use a new paint job to show consumers there is a fresh start. A business celebrating a major milestone can give their commercial space a facelift to celebrate the occasion.

Work Environment

Commercial interior painting benefits employees as much as it can help your business. A beautiful and comfortable work environment can correlate directly with work performance. A new paint job can create a more comfortable and enjoyable work environment for employees. When a company puts a little love into its interior design, people feel more at home working there. According to the American Coatings Association, a bright white room, or one painted another light color, can improve illumination over darker colors. So, a fresh coat of paint can have great benefits to your office space.

Paint Damage

If it’s been a while since you painted your commercial property, you might find signs of paint damage throughout your building. Chipping and peeling paint are unappealing and drive traffic away from your business. Paint damage is a big concern for business. While exterior paint has a long life and is normally tough and weather-resistant, it still requires maintenance. Outdoor paints will experience wear and tear over time. If you notice unappealing damage from your exterior paints, it’s probably time to repaint.


Any renovation, repair or painting project may release hazardous lead dust into the air. So, you may be required to repaint and eliminate lead paint hazards before conducting other renovations. The local laws in your area may have more regulations about the required maintenance of a commercial building. In New York City, for example, apartment buildings need to be repainted every three years.

Protecting Your Property

Regular exterior painting is a essential aspect of preventative maintenance. Painting your commercial property is a cost-effective investment. It protects the outer surface of your building from deteriorating. This can save you from having to pay for expensive damages later. You may not notice these issues right away, but repainting before they become worse will protect your property from future damage.

Market Value

Whether your company outgrows its current building or you sell the business entirely, a well-maintained building has a much higher market value. You might consider paint as a way to leave a good impression on clients, and a fresh coat of paint will have the same benefit for your real estate. A properties curb appeal will get buyers in the door, so a new exterior paint job is an excellent investment in your building’s future resale value. Fresh interior paint helps buyers better visualize what is possible in a space. Potential buyers will use the walls as a blank canvas to build ideas off of, so a smooth, even coat of paint can go a long way.


Call The Professionals

Business owners and managers know their storefront image is as important as the product or service they provide. Renovations are a necessary part of adding value to your property and attracting new customers. In past years, retail renovations accounted for as much as 24% of mall construction contracts. We have years of experience to keep your facility looking good.

And for national Re-Branding initiatives, the scope of work can be daunting to most. Harrison Contracting Company has dozens of examples of completing hundreds of major retail locations in record time. Ask for details and watch how we achieve the impossible for you. Call us today for more information.



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