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What is Re-Imaging?

Re-imaging can be described as the re-brand or update to the current brand of a company’s building. This can be interior or exterior, or both. It can be as simple as a repaint to bring the curb appeal and appearance of your property to a new condition, or as in depth as a full remodel with graphics, millwork, etc.

HCC specializes in the painting side of re-imaging . This process does not require a program management firm or general contractor. We have spent the last two decades developing the logistics to manage these programs for you. From data collection and surveys to schedule implementation and cyclical programs, we can tailor a system to fit your needs to enhance the appearance and improve the customer experience in your buildings.  Call us today to learn more, or email [email protected] for details.

Painting services are frequently looked at as a maintenance expense, only addressed when someone notices the condition of the space. The problem with that approach is that by once someone notices that a space needs painting, multiple customers have already seen this condition and formed an opinion about your image. Face it, your team is selling merchandise and that is their focus . All too often,the walls of the building are just not the most important thing to them. That’s where a program comes in. Through cyclical painting on all properties,you are guaranteed to have a standardized image clean,and impressive to your end clients.

And for national Re-Branding initiatives, the scope of work can be daunting to most. Harrison Contracting Company has dozens of examples of completing  hundreds of major retail locations in record time. Ask for details and watch how we achieve the impossible for you. You can view some of our past projects in our portfolio.

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