Atlanta’s Fox Theatre on Peachtree Street Reborn!

Garbutt Construction Company recently announced the completion of the largest renovation at the Fabulous Fox Theatre since the 1920s (see their announcement here).

Atlanta’s 80-year historic Fabulous Fox Theatre on Peachtree Street received a complete renovation and Harrison Contracting Company was awarded part of the restoration of the Marquee Club and Rooftop Lounges (plus bathrooms and hallways). This historic landmark was literally crumbling but it has been brought it back to life and better than ever!

Grand opening?

On May 17, 2018, the exclusive, multi-million dollar Marquee Club and Rooftop Lounge opened its doors revealing its incredible detail and exotic décor to dazzled guests. The construction teams were required to plan and execute the new design without disrupting the existing structure, and worked around daily events at The Fox Theatre.

The Fox, it continues to be a success story, booking more than 325 nights a year, regularly ranking among the top grossing theaters in the world. It is a rare example of a non-profit making money and operating in the black for 30 years.

Fox Theater

Fox Theatre RenovationFox Theatre RenovationFox Theatre RenovationFox Theatre RenovationFox Theatre RenovationFox Theatre Renovation

For more about the Fox Theatre Institute, visit

Disaster Recovery

Hurricanes, Flooding, Winds and more...

A few short weeks ago few businesses in America’s south were thinking about disaster recovery, but then the weather changed.

Hurricane Harvey decimated parts of Texas and southwest Louisiana when it hit the region a couple weeks ago, destroying billions of dollars’ worth of property. Not to be outdone, Hurricane Irma, possibly the strongest hurricane this country has ever seen was 400 miles wide.  It had winds over 185 miles-per-hour for 37 hours, which is also a record, and it spawned the largest evacuation in United States history.

Now that these storms are behind us, one catastrophe modeling company, estimates that Harvey has caused between $25 billion and $35 billion in losses that will be covered by insurance. The total economic damage, which includes uninsured losses, could be between $70 billion and $90 billion.  Enki Research, said the Irma situation "looks pretty grim." They estimated that Irma could cause $172 billion in total U.S. damage.

We have no way of knowing when a natural or human-caused disaster will hit or the damage it will do. The best thing we can do is to have a plan in place and know who to call in the event of an emergency. Harrison Contracting Company has been the trusted ‘go-to’ company since 1995. 

Disaster Recovery

If we can help your business recover quickly, or you have questions about disaster recovery, give us a call at 1-888-456-4011 toll free. 

New Construction Project

Harrison Contracting Company recently completed a new construction project in Milton, which is north of Atlanta in Fulton County. We completed the painting, wallcovering, and fabric panel scope of work on the new city hall.

Milton City Hall

Photo courtesy of Curbed Atlanta

The new Milton City Hall is being called the “workplace of the future,” it is a modern, high-tech building that connects with the community. "The municipal facility brims with reclaimed-looking wood accents, bold pendants, lofty ceilings, barn doors, sleek glass walls, and an exterior that looks less staid, granite-heavy city hall of yore and more gargantuan urban farmhouse." Read more from the story on Curbed Atlanta.

For your next painting project, whether it be new construction or re-imaging of an existing facility, contact us and learn how we can help you.  Since 1995 we have provided quality Painting and Facility Maintenance for clients across the USA.




BOMA Georgia 2017

HCC is proud to be a part of the BOMA Show 2017

BOMA Georgia 2017

The Building Owners and Managers Association of Georgia represents one of the largest industries in the state of Georgia - commercial real estate. Harrison Contracting is attending the show, which is going on now.  Please stop by our booth; we would love to have the opportunity to meet with you and introduce you to the services we provide to real estate companies across the country.  From commercial painting to most facets of facility maintenance, HCC has the experience, the professional staff and equipment necessary to handle your needs.



What is Re-Imaging?

Re-Image RepaintRe-imaging can be described as the re-brand or update to the current brand of a company’s building. This can be interior or exterior, or both. It can be as simple as a repaint to bring the curb appeal and appearance of your property to a new condition, or as in depth as a full remodel with graphics, millwork, etc.

HCC specializes in the painting side of re-imaging . This process does not require a program management firm or general contractor. We have spent the last two decades developing the logistics to manage these programs for you. From data collection and surveys to schedule implementation and cyclical programs, we can tailor a system to fit your needs to enhance the appearance and improve the customer experience in your buildings.  Call us today to learn more, or email for details.

Painting services are frequently looked at as a maintenance expense, only addressed when someone notices the condition of the space. The problem with that approach is that by once someone notices that a space needs painting, multiple customers have already seen this condition and formed an opinion about your image. Face it, your team is selling merchandise and that is their focus . All too often,the walls of the building are just not the most important thing to them. That’s where a program comes in. Through cyclical painting on all properties,you are guaranteed to have a standardized image clean,and impressive to your end clients.

And for national Re-Branding initiatives, the scope of work can be daunting to most. Harrison Contracting Company has dozens of examples of completing  hundreds of major retail locations in record time. Ask for details and watch how we achieve the impossible for you. You can view some of our past projects in our portfolio.

The Preferred Contractor in Destin

Did you know that Harrison Contracting Company has a fully-staffed office in Fort Walton Beach on the magnificent Emerald Coast? I would guess that many of you are thinking, “Wow, they sit on the beach all day getting a great tan while enjoying the sound of waves crashing on the beach”. If only that were true, but such a vision could not be further from reality.

At HCC we are professionals who have earned the respect and trust of great partners like Destin Commons, Pier Park, the U.S. Military, local general contractors, retail giants and numerous condominium associations. Our Commercial painting team in Destin have worked on projects all over Florida and much of the southeast. We have a reputation as being the best painting contractor in Destin, and one of the top facility maintenance companies in the entire USA.

Best Painting Contractors in Destin

Professional Painting Contractor

HCC is proud of our team of experienced and well-trained painters, our friendly office staff and hands-on management people that take pride in helping you with all your facility maintenance needs. Some of the services that we offer include:

  • On-site supervision to make sure your project always goes as planned.
  • A professional sales staff that listens to you and understands your needs and the importance of your project.
  • Local management that oversee all aspects of your project.
  • A caring and responsive office team that will keep you current with the information you need about your project.
  • Color renderings of your building; allowing you to see the big picture before the decision to change a color is finalized.

Best Painting Contractor in Destin, AutoZone

You and your customers safety is our #1 priority

At HCC, when we are on the job, safety is always a top priority with every painting project. In addition to requiring specific skills and training, painting a commercial facility can often be quite hazardous. Working on ladders, handling solvents and dealing with dust and blasting (sanding) media requires knowledge and experience.  Hiring a professional painting contractor ensures that you don’t have to be concerned with these issues. In addition, professional contractors understand the value of preparation and how to do it correctly.

Waterproofing contractors in Destin

The climate in this part of the country demands particular attention when choosing paints and other applied materials. The Destin area receives 62+ inches of rainfall every year which requires special consideration be paid to exposed areas that need unique waterproofing solutions.

Waterproofing is more than just plugging leaks; it entails knowledge of sealants, paints, weather analysis and special tools and machinery. HCC has a proven track record that covers every aspect of effective waterproofing.

Waterproofing contractors in Destin

Choosing the Best Painting Contractors in Destin

Anyone with a pickup truck and a bucket of paint can proclaim themselves to be a painting contractor. Obviously, price is one important part of selecting the best painting company for your project, but be sure to ask about the size of the company, their years in business and examples of past projects and check out their references.

With over 20 years in business, Harrison Contracting Company has worked on projects that range from small retail and office locations to large shopping center complexes that resemble a small city.  We can help you with all of your coating needs and facility maintenance. Please give us a call at 850 729 1188, or drop by the office at 67 Eglin Street, Fort Walton Beach, Florida and learn how we can help with your next project.

We look forward to partnering with you and maybe you could be the one who gets to work on your tan and enjoy the beach. As my dad always said, “If you’re lucky enough to be at the beach… you’re lucky enough”.

Large enough to handle the volume...

Small enough to handle the details!

Searching for the Best Painting Contractor in Destin?

If you are searching for the "Best Painting Contractor in Destin" to help with your next painting project, let us prove to you that our reputation has been earned because we deliver quality results.

Engineering News Record

Engineering News Record Ranks Harrison Contracting Company

Harrison Contracting Company ranked in the top 600 Specialty Contractors in the Nation. is considered to be the bible of the construction industry. ENR provides news and stories about projects, products and people in construction, architecture and engineering industries.  ENR’s Top 600 Specialty Contractors is a comprehensive package of data and analysis. It contains the rankings by revenue of the 600 largest specialty contractors in the U.S., the previous year’s rankings, revenue and the percentage of revenue by markets.

Not a Popularity Contest

ENR Top 600Unlike so many other ‘Awards’ or recognition in industry publications, rankings in ENR are based on company performance. In a time where anyone with a pickup truck can call themselves a contractor, revenue-based rankings prove who is actually getting the job done. Harrison Contracting Company has been servicing some of the largest retailers, industrial facilities and various commercial business across the country for over twenty years.

Over the years, our repeat business has been earned because our clients know that they can trust HCC to deliver quality work on time, within budget and with safety being a top priority.  They know that we have the talent, experience and equipment required to service virtually any facility maintenance project.

About Engineering News Record

ENR performs annual surveys of its key segments, and ranking companies engaged in general contracting, specialty contracting, engineering, architecture and environmental services, among other specialties. The rankings, based on annual revenue at home and abroad, are further divided into specific market categories.

Think Harrison Contracting

When planning your next facility maintenance project…think Harrison Contracting.


Winner 2015 AGC Build Georgia Awards

AGC Build Georgia Awards Program


Harrison Contracting Company Recognized in
the 2015 AGC Build Georgia Awards Program


Avalon Mixed-Use Development project earned first place honors
in the 2015 AGC Build Georgia Awards Program.

Harrison Contracting Company

The Build Georgia Awards began in 1989 when AGC Georgia recognized General Contractor members and their construction teams for outstanding performances on some of Georgia's most remarkable projects. Several years later the program began recognizing Specialty Contractors for their projects. 

This is a coveted award that’s given out annually, since 1989, to Georgia’s most remarkable construction projects.  The award criteria are based more around the actual construction of the project rather than just a “pretty” finished building.  They focus on how companies overcame construction obstacles, their safety record and the successful collaboration with the entire project team.  This prestigious award is widely recognized throughout the state by general contractors in all markets. Winners will be recognized in June 2015 at AGC Georgia's Awards Breakfast held during our Annual Convention in Amelia Island, FL.

About Our Project

Avalon is a mixed use project in every sense of the word.  Structures on the site ranged from a 30,000 square foot theater, to a 5,000 square foot restaurant, and as small as 2000 Square foot Retail shops and public spaces. Given this wide variety of structure type and size, our workforce had to be able to adjust to ever changing job site conditions, production rate variances, and Georgia’s infamous ever changing weather cycles.  All of this was taken into account, along with a myriad of architectural revisions with regard to design and materials that is typical on projects with such a diverse client / tenant base.  Each of these challenges led to a constant balancing act with regard to design, materials, manpower and the scheduling and coordination needed to pull it off as seamlessly as possible.

Throughout our Avalon project (a 600 million dollar / 85 acre mixed use development owned and operated by North American Properties, and located in Alpharetta, GA) we were responsible for the painting and wallcovering scopes for 15 different buildings, while working under multiple GC’s on. Not only did we need to coordinate multiple types of scopes and finishes, we had to facilitate the successful completion of these while meeting the production schedules of various independent projects within the larger project as a whole.

Avalon- Alpharetta

Avalon- Alpharetta Project

Avalon is an 86 acre mixed use development where one can live, work, and play. Similar to the very well-known Atlantic Station. Avalon consists of many high-end retail shops, restaurants, a Regal Theater, and numerous other public spaces.

Regal Theater

Regal Theater

Regal Theater

The Regal Theater is 30,000 sq ft. With twelve auditoriums and a bar/lounge. The front entry lobby contains a 45 ft. barrel vaulted ceiling with eight different colors and four different wallcoverings. We faced many logistics challenges on this project including coordination and planning for exceptionally long lead times on certain custom wallcoverings.


Bocado Burger


Bocado Burger is an example of one of the many restaurants within the Avalon development. On this particular project we used innovative application techniques to apply custom blended stains to 80% of the exterior. Weather (precipitation and humidity) was a constant challenge.

CRU Food and Wine Bar

CRU Food and Wine Bar is an example of how we created shop quality metal finishes in a field environment, which is EXTREMELY difficult to do. It took a collaborative effort from industry experts, suppliers, and our own HCC team to deliver the finished product to the client while staying true to the conceptual design criteria.

Public Spaces

West facing view of one of the many public spaces found within the Avalon development.

Public Bathrooms

These bathrooms in Avalon’s public areas are a good example of how we used careful coordination amongst suppliers and the general contractor to deliver specialty products and finishes on time and within budget, while working under less than optimal site conditions

About AGC

AGC of Georgia is one of 95 chapters affiliated with The Associated General Contractors of America (AGC of America) representing over 30,000 members nationwide. AGC of Georgia members are also members of the national organization.  Firms engaged in the commercial construction industry for two or more years with an established track record for demonstrating Skill, Integrity, and Responsibility, are eligible for membership.

AGC Build Georgia Awards

Harrison Contracting Company Celebrating 20 Years of Service

2015 marks the twentieth anniversary of Harrison Contracting Company and earning this prestigious award makes our celebration special for many reasons. We would like to congratulate Rich, Rachel, William and the entire Avalon team not only for the successful project but for the professional award nomination that allowed us to stand out to the AGC Award Committee.

Avalon Project

Technical Consulting – Specification Writing

Paint and Painters are not created equal!

Planning to accept proposals for a painting project means that there will be a wide array of variables that must be considered.  The obvious elements include choosing the right color, the paint or sealants best suited to your environment, the project schedule, the process and all of the details that make up such an undertaking. While some people think that a paint job is a relatively simple chore, there have been advancements in product technology and application techniques that can have a huge impact to the bottom line and the value of your finished project.  There are also numerous “scope of work” items that can drastically affect the quality and cost of your project. Lastly, there are qualifications processes that must be considered to limit your liability and exposure during the project.

Paints and Specialty Coatings

Paint technology and specialty coatings have evolved over the last few decades, and especially over the last few years.  The EPA’s aggressive guidelines geared to reducing the environmental impact of paint products means that new technologies and materials have been developed to address these requirements. However, there are times when the newest, greatest, and most environmentally-friendly products may not match your economic or logistical needs. Taking the time to talk to paint suppliers and an experienced painting contractor will greatly increase your knowledge and understanding of the best products that make the most sense for your project. Technical Consulting – Specification Writing is just one of the services offered by Harrison Contracting.

Paints and coatings

Meeting your Expectations

This decision making process is similar to today’s automotive market and the new products that are being offered.  Hybrids and electric vehicles may be the best thing since sliced bread when it comes to fuel economy and eco-friendly transportation, but you cannot take the family cross-country or tow a camper with these vehicles in most cases. This is about your expectations and matching the right paint, application process and painting contractor to your needs.

Just as product technology has changed, so too have the application methods and the equipment needed to complete your project.  The scope of your project needs to be created with your special requirements in mind.  Far too often, we see a scope of work submitted that merely states to repaint the facility.  Such a broad statement leaves much to the imagination of the painting contractor and will lead to increased costs due to unspecified variables.  At the same time, you do not want to over-scope a job, as this will tell the contractor that there has to be a cost for every line item.  A thorough understanding of the paint products to be used and the painting process should be the baseline for writing a scope of work.  This can best be achieved by using a contractor that has both product and process understanding to write the scope with you. A good painting contractor will include sensible schedule requirements, fair responsibilities guidelines, and clear expectations as the foundation of any scope of work.

While paint and processes have changed dramatically over the past few years, the greatest variable with any project is the contractor you select.  The only way to minimize your chances of a low quality, unpleasant and costly experience is to pre-qualify your potential contractors.  It is tempting to allow an unqualified contractor to bid a project, but a low price estimate could end up costing your company more than the highest bid, especially if you have to pay for a job to be redone. Again, it comes down to expectations; create some standards before you ask for quotes.  Require contractors to address their insurance coverage, financial stability, safety record and references. Ask probing questions and do some research to make sure that what you are paying for is what you will receive.  Once you set a standard bar, don’t allow contractors not meeting your standards to submit bids.

Technical Consulting – Specification Writing

There is a saying that is shared by many services providers...

“There are three criteria from which you can choose; good, fast, and cheap.”  You may only pick two!

Harrison Contracting Company performs technical consulting and will assist you with your specification writing for your next facility maintenance project. Find out how you can outline the job correctly to meet your expectations, contact us.

Facility Maintenance – Painting Project

Pier Park Shopping Center Painting Project

The Pier Park Shopping Center in Panama City Beach FL asked Harrison Contracting Company to perform an  exterior repaint of their retail facility.  Owned and managed by Simon Properties, one of the nation's leading retail center management firms, Simon is a global leader in retail real estate ownership, management and development and a S&P 100 company (Simon Property Group, NYSE: SPG).

The video at right shows how large this facility is and all the colors required for this unique project.


Harrison Contracting Company use only the best products to ensure that our customers get the quality job they expect. For this project we repainted with TEX•COTE® COOLWALL®. Specially formulated to reflect the sun’s heat, they can lower exterior wall surface temperatures by as much as 40 degrees when compared to traditional paints. TEX•COTE® COOLWALL® has been specially formulated to reflect solar heat by changing the invisible portion of the light spectrum, thereby helping to reflect heat without changing color. This will save our customer thousands of dollars every year in cooling costs. To learn more about TEX•COTE® click here.


Customer Testimonial

Satisfied Customer

Facility Maintenance Done Right!

At Harrison Contracting Company, our slogan is...

"Large enough to handle the volume... Small enough to handle the details"

Whether you need a fresh coat of paint or a complete re-image, HCC has the professional team, the right equipment and two decades of experience to ensure you get your job done right, on time and within your budget. Regardless of how large or how small your project is, get a quote from Harrison first.

Pier Park facility maintenance project (commercial painting)

We know facility maintenance!